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Fall yard leaf cleanup in Dighton, MA.

Clean Up Your Yard

Keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful in the Dighton, MA area with spring and fall clean ups

Yard Cleanup Services in Dighton, Rehoboth, and Swansea , MA

Your yard's beauty can find itself veiled by the aftermath of natural processes. Dead and diseased branches, broken off by the wind, can pile up on your lawn. Fallen leaves can quickly accumulate, forming an unsightly carpet over the once-verdant lawn that you worked so hard to nourish. Weeds can take a stranglehold over your lawn despite your diligent efforts at combating them. Consequentially, it's important to allow our professionals at Rescue Landscape & Services, LLC to provide your lawn with the trademark quality cleanup for which we are well-known within the Dighton, Rehoboth, and Swansea areas of MA.

What Does a Lawn Cleanup Include?

Lawn cleanups are a holistic process that thoroughly grooms and purges your lawn. Some of the most frequently performed tasks that are part of a cleanup are:

  • Mowing grass
  • Edging/reshaping of landscape beds
  • Removal of leaves in lawn and landscape beds
  • Replacement or removal of dead plants
  • Removal of debris and sticks
  • Mulching during the springtime
  • Trimming and pruning of landscaping
  • Planting of annuals and perennials
  • Removal of weeds from landscape beds
  • Fertilization of the lawn and landscaping
  • Lime application for the lawn
  • Lawn aeration and dethatching
  • Driveway seal coating
  • Powerwashing of sidewalks, driveways, and more

Slow-Release Fertilizers and Mulching for Spring

Although both fall and spring cleanups include many of the same services, there are a few services that are only applied during the spring season. For example, our spring cleanups are designed to prepare your property for the growing season by including slow-release varieties of fertilizer for your lawn and landscape plants. Also popular in the spring is the refreshment of your mulch and rock ground covers in your landscape beds.

Home in Dighton, MA needing leaf removal and yard cleanup services.

Leaf Removal and Rapid-Release Fertilizers for Fall

Our fall cleanups are designed to prepare your lawn for winter and include many different services. One of the services specific to fall includes applying a rapid-release strain of fertilizer that injects the roots with the necessary nutrients for surviving the cold temperatures to come.

Another major service associated with our fall cleanups is the raking and removal of leaves that have piled up and could potentially rot, spread harmful mold, attract pests, and deprive your lawn of receiving the light it needs from the sun. In the Dighton, Rehoboth, and Swansea areas, we have a lot of leaves that fall and we'll handle the raking and removal of these leaves on your property.

Call us today at (508) 272-2508 to learn more about our services and schedule your bi-yearly yard cleanup, or a yearly cleaning to deal with neglect and overgrowth.

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