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Field Mowing in Dighton, MA by Rescue Landscape & Services, LLC

Field Mowing & Bush Hogging in Dighton, MA

Providing mowing services for fields, pond/lake banks, ditches, and more

Field Mowing Services in Dighton, MA & Surrounding Areas

Also known as “Bush Hogging” or "Brush Hogging", field mowers are a massive type of mower (or, oftentimes, an attachment which one affixes to a tractor) that are used to tame large swaths of land, medians, roadways, ditches, and lake/river banks that have succumbed to overgrowth.

In the Dighton, Rehoboth, and Swansea areas, we have become the go-to company when heavy-duty bush hogging, or large field mowing services are needed.

Rescue Landscape & Services, LLC field mowing in Dighton, MA with bush hog attachment

What are the benefits of a field mower or brush hog?

For very large areas of land, a bush hog can quickly devour turf that would have taken much longer to cut using conventional equipment. Many times, the grass, weeds, and brush we cut with our field mowers would be impossible for a standard residential, or even a commercial mower to handle. With widths of 8-16 feet, field mowers can quickly cover ground at a rate that far outpaces its smaller counterparts.

Moreover, a bush hog far exceeds any other mower in durability and power. This allows brush hogs to accomplish tougher jobs with higher quality in a smaller amount of time. Our brush hog can also be used for more than just field mowing. With our heavy-duty equipment, we can tackle overgrown fields, roadways, ditches, and medians with no problem.

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Do you have a large field or other piece of land that is in need of a visit from our heavy-duty field mowers? If so, reach out to us at (508) 272-2508 for a free quote on bush hogging your property. We are currently offering this service to the areas of Dighton, MA and other surrounding areas.

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