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Dighton, MA Fertilization & Weed Control Services

When you feed the lawn and the soil, you will stimulate the array of soil life, reduce soil compaction, and balance soil pH which help support a great looking lawn. When seeding, our grass seed contains superior varieties that will improve even the poorest lawn because we use grass seed that develops a deep root system, a waxy coating to preserve moisture, and a dark green color. 

Our Fertilization & Weed Control program includes the following: 

Soil Testing: if you are a new client we require that you have a Soil Analysis and Salvita® Soil Test so that we can treat your lawn as environmentally responsible as possible.  Cost:  $35 dollar collection fee plus cost of testing                                      

Who We Service:  Service is only available to our weekly & biweekly Lawn Mowing 

Some Great Benefits of our Fertilization & Weed Control program

Our Fertilization & Weed Control program provides the following:

  • Soil Testing:  every homeowner should have their soil tested in order to treat your lawn properly.  Treating a lawn without testing the soil is simply guess work.  This can result in the homeowner having to pay for services and products that are uneccessary and costly. 
  • Since your lawn is living ecosystem where good bacteria and other organisms help your lawn thrive.  Accordingly, we treat your lawn in a manner that feeds and supports the microbiology of your lawn.  

Ready to learn more about our fertilization and weed control services and pricing? If you're located in Dighton, MA or a surrounding area, speak with one of our team members today by calling (508) 272-2508 and discover how we can help you  maintain your lawn in an eco-friendly way!


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